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Subject:Sax-Zim Bog: Stickney Rd Topic
From:Michael Hendrickson <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Michael Hendrickson <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 14 Feb 2011 22:11:25 -0800


I read a lot of posts on this topic and some asked about some history of this 
individual.  I think I can add some history but I will respond to Shawn 
Zierman's post first.  I think it was sometime  way before the 2004-05 owl 
irruption that I posted the photo of the man's shed with his written threats 
painted on the south side of the shed's wall on my blog  I posted the photo of 
the man's shed because it was part of of a blog entry I made about my run in 
with the man during a bird tour I led.  I think Shawn Conrad was part of the 
tour where the cars in the back of the caravan stopped to look at some bird on 
east side of the road.  I remember calling on my radio to not to stop because of 
the issues the homeowner had with people stopping on the public road in front of 
his home.  Soon enough this thin man came running out in his home wearing just 
his viking purple pajamas towards the parked cars and then he began to toss 
rocks at the cars at the end of the caravan. I was stunned and kept telling 
people to get back into their cars and head down the road to get away.  The man 
began to race after the last car waving and shouting and gesturing for us to 
come back and fight.  That was my first and last episode of all my travels in 
the "bog" regarding this man.

This location is somewhat a known location to many birders to avoid based on 
past MOU listserv postings from other birders who had run ins with him but 
discussing this again on the MOU listserv is good way to get the word out to 
more people who did not know of this location. Even if Cindy forgot about where 
she was parked or knew there was a risk in stopping at this section of the 
Stickney Rd still doesn't warrant this man's behavior to aggressively pursue 
her, forced her to stop her car and then verbally harassing her or scaring her 
is plain wrong and as some lawyers say .. its warrant enough to pursue legal 
action.  To not pursue legal action because of some idea he may want to shoot 
some owls or raptors to get back at the birders who called the police on him or 
got him arrested is like saying.. "well lets not report crimes at all because we 
do not want those criminals coming back at us for reporting them and possibly 
doing harm to us"  Isn't this how criminals get away with crime because we fear 
retribution from them if we report them?  

First I truly believe Cindy Edwardson should by all means report this incident 
to the St. Louis County Sheriff Virginia office.   For those who are traveling 
to the "bog" and want to carry the St. Louis County Sheriff Office number for 
emergency reasons here it is:   218.749.7134.  To view the website:

No one really knows this man and even his neighbors really do not know him but 
he is well known amongst his neighbors for his erratic behavior acts and his 
threats towards people he feel are violating his privacy.  No one knows for sure 
that he even served in the marines during the Vietnam War as a sniper and no one 
knows for sure if he's has some serious behavior issues but what I do know is 
that he is very protected of his property even the public road in front of his 
home.  The latest I heard about this individual is that he just got out of jail 
recently for pulling a gun on someone or shooting a gun towards someone.  I do 
not know the full situation on why he pulled a gun or shot in the direction of 
someone but IF that information I received is true then all his guns were most 
likely confiscated by police after his arrest.

Well to me it comes down to people's safety or birds.  I choose people as much 
as I love birds but people come first over owls and other bird species that live 
in the "bog"  There is no history of him shooting owls, raptors and other bird 
species in retaliation because of birdwatchers he had issues with in the past.  
The man just wants his privacy and that includes his land and the Stickney Rd 
from the creek crossing to the south all the way to intersection with the Sax 
Road.  Yep that public road that runs on the east side of the property is a area 
he defends from his neighbors who live in the area, deer hunters and 
birdwatchers are all fair game for him to threaten and harass.  So again please 
do not stop on this portion of the Stickney Rd. even if there is a Great Gray 
Owl perched in his yard.. keep driving! 

I think anyone who is harassed in any way by this individual should report the 
incident by calling the number given above.  The city of Virginia is about 30-40 
minutes away from this area of the bog ( birding areas north of CR 52 (Arkola 

Good Birding!

Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota


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