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Subject:Re: My last reply.
From:Stefanie Moss <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Stefanie Moss <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Fri, 4 Nov 2011 13:03:10 -0500

I guess this is one of those things that each individual will have to
wrestle with.  One of the problems I see with habituating owls is that they
than become vulnerable.  I'm sure everyone has seen  road signs riddled with
buckshot- the result of boredom and  a gun I imagine.  So imagine now a
curious owl looking for a handout.
Just in the past year, we've had birders going off-road for a better look at
Rough-legged Hawks, birders assembling virtually on top of the location
thought to harbor nesting Blue Grosbeak(in spite of having  large telephoto
lenses) and, most recently, the Whooping Crane incident.  In each case the
original poster gave indications that thy wished they hadn't.
Each individual will do as they please.  Most things can probably be
reported without undue harm.  I would, however, be reluctant to post the
location of a nesting bird and no power on earth could get me to disclose
the location of say, a Black Rail should I find one.  I'd have visions of an
army of birders with tape recorders marching through the wetland until
finally it was relocated .......... on the bottom of a boot.
Finally, there seems to be the notion(in some posts) that anyone finding a
bird is obligated to share that information and that, if they don't, it is
prima facie evidence of competitive selfishness.  There are other reasons
not to do so, and those reasons should be respected as well.


On 11/3/11 11:01 PM, "Fr. Paul Kammen" <fr.paul@DELANOCATHOLIC.COM> wrote:

> I can see that Mike has some valid concerns about protecting owls, but I just
> respectfully disagree. Yes, there are some people who violate the rules, just
> as 
> this weekend people will violate private property to get a deer.
> I have a fondness for birds, but also really enjoy photography. I've invested
> in 
> equipment, have a web page, and am trying to take my hobby to the next
> level. As a birder, I have 9 feeders, and regularly go out to find all sorts
> of 
> birds, using this list as a key informational tool to visit different spots.
> Thanks 
> to MOU, I've found many great places to bird and go.
> Raptors are my favorite birds, and I love owls. I've only seen a hawk owl, saw
> whet owl and great horned owl - I'd like to see more of these birds. I realize
> people earn money as guides, and I hired one twice last year at Sax-Zim, but
> these are also public roads open for all to enjoy. I'm not sure the traffic on
> MOU but I'm guessing this list isn't as busy as the Drudge Report. I realize
> that 
> baiting a bird is a debatable topic, but my opinion on that is if it is such a
> bad 
> thing, or harmful to an owl, wouldn't the DNR make a law or regulation that
> says you can't do this? That's a separate post. I don't bring bait with me,
> just 
> my camera gear. I can't buy mice at the wild bird store, but I love hawks, and
> one could say having a group of birds around my feeder is in a sense baiting
> the red tail to have a chickadee for lunch.
> I live in the Twin Cities, and last spring a poster let me know about a great
> horned owl in a tree. I didn't get good photos, but would like to try again.
> He 
> was very specific, and I set up my tripod and camera below the tree, and there
> was no issue. 
> Frankly as I said, I'd find it quite frustrating if someone posted about an
> owl or 
> any bird but didn't want to give out any information on it's location - even
> if 
> unintended I'd almost take it as a gloat. I see this list as a place to share
> information, and think the best route is to ask people to use etiquette.
> Quite a lot of posts on this one and good discussion.
> Thanks,
> Fr. Paul
> ----
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