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Subject:Fwd: [mou-net] posting debate
From:Michelle Hed <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:[log in to unmask]
Date:Fri, 4 Nov 2011 22:19:38 +0000

Mike - When I say "post your owl sightings" - that includes the whole nine yards - type of owl, time of day, exact location, the color of your shoes or whatever other information the poster feels is relevant. I personally find just posting the owl seen and not the exact location a disappointment and waste of time reading the post. I would prefer members post no information to the listserv if they are not going to include the whole nine yards or perhaps they could put in their subject line - "exact location not included" and I could skip that post. I was under the impression the listserv was a place for birders to post 'sightings including exact locations' so other birders can enjoy them. While I'm sorry you got upset over the semantics of the wording I used, I thought it was still quite clear that I was talking about location, as in exact location. 

I would also appreciate it if you would quit replying to just me. I don't care to be yelled at via email by someone I've never met. Please don't reply directly to me again. 

Michelle Hed 

----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael Hendrickson" <> 
Sent: Friday, November 4, 2011 4:36:50 PM 
Subject: Re: [mou-net] posting debate 

From: "" <> 
To: Michael Hendrickson <> 
Sent: Friday, November 4, 2011 1:56 PM 
Subject: Re: [mou-net] posting debate 

Mike - I did read what you posted. I also read everyone's responses and opinion and was responding to them all - not just to you. 

I can respect your opinion, your concerns and your decision to not post owl sightings. Good for you. 

You are not reading what I am saying! I said to the listserv POST YOUR OWL SIGHTINGS and NOT the exact location of the owl. That is all! 

As a lover of nature, I am hoping everyone else will still post owl sightings so we may ALL enjoy them. I think asking everyone on this list-serv to not post is selfish. It is an individual's right and private decision to post or not post. I have a Barred Owl living on my property in another state. I have not and will not post that information because I don't want people I don't know trespassing on my private property. My right, my decision. If however, that owl was along a county road, or a refuge, or state park, I would be happy to post that information! 

That is fine. 

Michelle Hed 
Anoka County 

From: "Michael Hendrickson" <> 
To: hedquarters@COMCAST.NET 
Sent: Friday, November 4, 2011 1:10:04 PM 
Subject: Re: [mou-net] posting debate 

I am all for everyone to post on all birds but again I am not saying keep bird locations to yourselves! I am saying share all your bird sightings rare or common sightings to the net. Just please do not tell me exactly where you saw a owl. Mention that you saw a owl but do not tell me exactly where. I wish people would read my posting because I had to repeat myself twice on this listserv. 


Mike Hendrickson 
Duluth, Minnesota 

From: Michelle Hed <hedquarters@COMCAST.NET> 
Sent: Friday, November 4, 2011 12:48 PM 
Subject: [mou-net] posting debate 


It has been extremely interesting reading the debate going on these last few days. I just wanted to pipe in and say that I am a 'newbie'. I lurked for a year before joining and contributing. I am also a nature photographer and I take pictures of all things in nature, not just birds. I also write poetry to go with the pictures I take because I find nature so inspiring. I personally would appreciate it if people would post their findings, especially Owl findings. They are so elusive and I so enjoy seeing them in their natural environment. 

While I can understand where Mike is coming from, I have felt more in-line with the words of Father Paul. I think deciding to post or not to post should be up to each of us individually. I would love it if you continued to post on ALL birds, owls especially, so I can go and enjoy them in their natural setting and take a few pictures. I'm not interested in baiting an owl or any other bird. That's not natural. Especially if the bird is found along a public road, or etc. 

Also, I too find it disappointing and frustrating when people post but forget location. Also, I've noticed that some of you post locations but use abbreviation or acronyms and I have no idea what you are referring to. So for us 'newbies' if you could not abbreviate or use acronyms that would be very much appreciated. 

Have a great day! 
Michelle Hed 
Anoka County 

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