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Subject:Re: wow...had enough
From:Fr. Paul Kammen
Reply-To:Fr. Paul Kammen
Date:Fri, 4 Nov 2011 22:56:06 -0500

On Fri, 4 Nov 2011 18:35:49 -0700, Michael Hendrickson 
<mlhendrickson@YAHOO.COM> wrote:

>i made a simple damn requst and all hell breaks loose and there are people in 
here who do not read what iam saying. i ask folks to refrain from sharing exact 
owl locations and some took that requst and think iam asking not to share all 
bird sightings,locations and information. lol did i say all that? now michelle 
posted a personal reply to all and iam sure paul kammen is not to far in sharing 
my replies i made to him! when i said i lost in people or in this case birders this 
is what i mean. so u guys can forget about my request and go ahead and share 
everything relating to birds even your owl locations. i do not need or care 
about this listserve..i do not want any part of it. because folks like michelle and 
paul and few others just dont get it. good birding for the last time on this 
idiotic listserv.

Well, I do care about this list and I like it. I'm simply making a counterpoint, not 
making any shots, just stating my two cents, and with all due respect, I 
disagree with not posting about owls or birds, and about baiting. 

As I said, I'm an avid photographer and birder. I support MOU and enjoy finding 
and visiting birding spots. I'm quite fond of owls, and I think it's wonderful if 
someone posts where an owl can be found such as in a county or state park, 
or along a road. As far as baiting, I'm not an expert, but as I said I don't carry 
around mice with me, my photo gear is enough, but I don't find baiting 
objectionable - if the DNR has not made a law against it or issued guidelines on 
it (and if they have please show me) then as far as I'm concerned it's not an 
issue. I do have a beef with people like that genius who harmed the pelicans on 
his land who is now facing time, and do take issue with those who want to 
shoot up Lake Waconia because Commorants are apparently an issue. I imagine 
those could be other threads as well.

I think we can agree to disagree on this one - I'm a bit surprised at how riled 
up some have gotten. MOU gives me great info on birds in general, but also 
allows me to find them. I'm a busy person, and bird as a hobby - I'm quite 
willing to hop in my car on my day off and drive 2 to 3 hours, but would rather 
not go on a wild goose chase. Of course I often bird in regular areas too like 
Old Cedar Ave., MN Valley, Sherburne Refuge, etc. If someone on here says 
they saw an owl within an hour or two of the cities, I'd hop in my car, try to 
find it, and if I did set up my tripod and camera and try to get some nice 

Mike, I mean you no disrespect and I don't think you posted because you are 
trying to keep spots secret to earn a few extra bucks to guide people, but care 
about owls. I have also been to your site and saw your maps. I think we'll just 
have to agree to disagree on this one. I don't think an MOU post as I said 
before is like posting something on Drudge Report for millions to read, and think 
most would say "hey, an owl, what a great opportunity to see a beautiful bird 
and take a picture" not go and harm the bird or go onto private property 
unwelcomed. As far as sharing personal e-mails, I'm not quite sure what you 
mean - I'm just replying to the posts on the list. 

This has been a long thread, and hopefully we can get back to better posts on 
locations and migrants. Going to Bass Ponds tomorrow afternoon if anyone has 
any recent updates.

Fr. Paul

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