24 April 2012


Cryptosporidiosis outbreak from petting zoo in Goodhue County

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Minnesota Department of Health Outbreak News

CDC information on cryptosporidium



Bald eagles die from algae-borne neurotoxin linked to invasive hydrilla

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University of Georgia research on Thurmond Lake eagle mortality

National Wildlife Health Center information on avian vacuolar myelinopathy



Researchers create fish that show health effects of water pollution

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Environmental Health Perspectives paper

Recent news on the effects of water pollution

Gulf seafood deformities raise questions among scientists and fisherman (Huffington Post)

Gulf seafood safe despite oil spill concerns, FDA says (NY Daily News)

Higher concentrations of heavy metals found in post-oil spill oysters from the Gulf of Mexico, experts say (Science Daily)


Editor's note: The correct link for yesterday's OIE announcement is:

OIE Announcement on new global alliance



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