September 2008


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John Donovan <[log in to unmask]>
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JEOL-Focused Probe Users List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 3 Sep 2008 16:49:32 -0700
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Moderator: Ellery Frahm, [log in to unmask],
Electron Microprobe Lab, University of Minnesota

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On-line help and FAQ:


Please consider attending our EPMA workshop in September. Only a few 
spaces left so don't delay. Details and registration at:

Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR) Presents

Problem Solving Using Microanalysis Tools Workshop
Focus on both instrumental methods and software algorithms for 
solving real world analytical problems for science and industry in 
EPMA in a variety of samples, conditions and geometries. Hands on 
workshops and labs to explore new ideas for extending EPMA for all users.

September 16, 17, 18 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 2008

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Preliminary Outline of Program

A three day hands on workshop exploring problems and solutions for 
difficult and/or complex analytical situations using the latest 
analytical methods, instrumental techniques and software algorithms. 
Workshop will be held in the new Integrated Science Complex, Lorry I. 
Lokey Laboratory (temperature controlled, low vibration/low EMI 
underground Microanalytical Facility).

	Cameca SX50 with Bruker SDD
	Cameca SX100 with Thermo SDD
	FEI Quanta with Thermo SDD and HKL EBSD

	Quantitative microanalysis (bulk, particles, thin films)
	Quantitative x-ray mapping (WDS and spectrum imaging)
	Software modeling: Casino, WinXray, Penelope, and DTSA II

	Jeff Davis- "Large (very large) area mapping with millipore XRF"
	Mike Jercinovic- "Practical Considerations in trace element analysis by EPMA"
	John Fournelle- "Light element quantification, problems and pitfalls"
	Dale Newbury- "Desktop Spectrum Analyzer-2 (DTSA-2: Son of DTSA): 
Nicholas Ritchie's Answer to the Microanalyst's Need for Spectrum Simulation"

Lab Instrument/Computer Demonstrations and Exercises:
	Dale Newbury- "Data mining demonstration using SDD and spectrum 
imaging with Lispix"
	Dale Newbury- "Auto ID, caveat emptor"
	Ed Vicenzi "Methods for Analyzing X-ray Spectrum Images"
	Ed Vicenzi, Jeff Davis, and Dale Newbury "Analyzing Multiphase 
Regions: Should I Use a Defocused Beam or Phase Imaging?"
	Ed Vicenzi and Dale Newbury "Cathodoluminescence Imaging"
	Jeff Davis, Ed Vicenzi, Dale Newbury (Quanta) "Analysis of Complex 
Cements: Phase ID and Detection Limits"
	Paul Carpenter- Quality Control and Your Electron Microprobe: 
Ensuring the Data You Produce is Valid
	Paul Carpenter- Quantitative EPMA Using Probe for Windows: Setting 
Up a Quantitative Analysis Run on the Microprobe
	Paul Carpenter/John Donovan- Advanced EPMA: Peak Overlaps, Trace 
Element Analysis, Beam-sensitive Materials, Layered Specimens, and Particles
	Paul Carpenter, Matrix Corrections and Mass Absorption Coefficients
	John Donovan- Quantitative Thin Film Analysis using EPMA, Part I
	John Donovan- Quantitative Thin Film Analysis using EPMA, Part II
	John Donovan- Pathological Interferences and How to Deal With Them
	John Fournelle- EBSD Tutorial
	John Fournelle- Modeling secondary Fluorescence with Penelope Monte-Carlo
	John Fournelle- Off-peak selection, background modeling and artifacts
	Mike Jercinovic- "Spatial Resolution and trace element sensitivity"
	Mike Jercinovic- "Selection of experimental parameters for high 
accuracy microanalysis"

Special Presentation by Ellery Frahm
	"Scandinavian Reindeer Herding, Tunisian Timekeeping, and Electron
	Probe Microanalysis: Considering Technological Choices"

	FEI Helios dual beam
	Zeiss Ultra 55 (Nabity Lithography)
	FEI Titan Analytical TEM
	Thermo VG XPS
	Waters Qtof
	Philips Auger
	Bruker, Rigaku and Scintag XRDs

For more information contact:
John Donovan, [log in to unmask], 541-346-4632