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February 1997


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"Christian C. Young" <[log in to unmask]>
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Intl Soc for the Hist Phil and Soc St of Biol <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 12:25:26 -0600
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---------------MESSAGE ONE--------------
From: Robert Maxwell Young <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 13:31:47 -0600
Subject: _Science as Culture_ no. 26 has appeared

_Science as Culture_ No. 26 (Vol. 6 Part 1) has now appeared
'A Spoonful of Blood: Haitians, Racism and AIDS' by Laurent Dubois
'The California Ideology' by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron
'Naming the Heavens: A Brief History of Earthly Projections, Part II' by
Scott L. Montgomery

'Biology as Cultural History' (_Beyond the Natural Body_ by Nelly Oudshoorn)
        reviewed by Ann Ruidinow Saeman
'Elusive Risk or Planned Threat?'( _Ecological Enlightenment_ by Ulrich Beck)
        reviewed by C. George Caffentzis
'No Matter Where You go - There You Are!' (_The Power of Maps_ by Denis Wood)
        reviewed by Don Parson
'Demoraatizing Technology' (_Democracy and Technology_ by Richard E. Sclove)
        reviewed by David Hakken

_SaC_ 27 will include:
'The corporate suppression of inventions, conspiracy theories and an ambivalent
        American dream' by Stephen DeMeo
'Death comes alive: technology and the re-conception of death'
        by Karen Cerulo and Janet Ruane
'Inoculating gadgets against ridicule' by Mike Michael
'Sperm stories: romantic, entrepreneurial and environmental narratives
        about treating male infertility' by Kirsten Dwight

In future issues:
'Designing flexibility: science and work in the age of flexible
accumulation' by Emily Martin
'Healthy bodies, healthy citizens: the anti-secondhand smoke campaign' by
Roddy Reid
'Israel's first test-tube baby' byDaphna Birenbaum Carmeli

160pp. _Science as Culture_ is published quarterly by Process Press Ltd. in
and Guilford Publications Inc. in North America: [log in to unmask]
For information about subscriptions and a list of back issues (half price
to subscribers),
go to:

The journal has an associated email forum:
[log in to unmask] To join, send message To:
[log in to unmask]
Body of message: SUB SCIENCE-AS-CULTURE  yourfirstname yourlastname
A web site associated with the journal and forum holds articles from back
issues of the journal, as well as submissions under consideration (not
obligatory), whose authors may benefit from constructive comments for
purposes of revisions before the hard copy is printed, as well as longer
piece not suitable for the email format which forum members may wish to

ISSUES: TOTAL PRICE L100 (British pounds Sterling L1.00 = ca $1.64).
L2.00 EACH.
This offer stands only as long as stocks last.

Robert Maxwell Young:  [log in to unmask]  26 Freegrove Rd., London N7
9RQ, Eng. tel.+44 171 607 8306  fax.+44 171 609 4837 Professor of
Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Studies, Centre for Psychotherapeutic
Studies, University of  Sheffield. Home page and writings:
Process Press publications:

----------------------MESSAGE TWO--------------
Reminder from ISHPSSB Treasurer Ron Rainger:

On the Grene Prize the deadline should now be Feb 20  (or we can go
                to March 1)  --please have people send me 4 copies

On student travel funds --have applications sent to me.  Applications
                should include the following:  paper title and abstract,
                session in which paper will be given, estimate of travel
                expenses, and information on whether applicant is receiving
                any other assistance for travel to the meeting.  Funds are
                for travel only --not daily expenses.  Deadline April 1, 97

Contact Ron Rainger at:  [log in to unmask]

-----------------------MESSAGE THREE-----------------
>Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 10:41:51 -0500 (EST)
>From: Michael M Sokal <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY Announcement for ISHPSSB Newsletter
>HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY, a new scholarly journal, will begin quarterly
>publication early in 1998.  It will be published by the American
>Psychological Association for its Division of the History of Psychology,
>and will be edited (through the year 2000) by Michael M. Sokal, Professor
>of History at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  HISTORY OF
>PSYCHOLOGY's editorial office will operate with support from WPI, the
>American Psychological Association, and APA's Division of the History of
>EDITORIAL POLICY:  The journal will serve as a forum for both
>psychologists and other interested scholars for the full range of current
>ideas and approaches pertaining to the relationship between history and
>psychology.  It will primarily feature refereed scholarly articles dealing
>with specific issues, areas, and/or individuals in the history of
>psychology.  It will also publish papers in related areas such as
>historical psychology (the history of consciousness and behavior), theory
>in psychology as it pertains to history, historiography, biographical and
>autobiographical analysis, psychohistory, and issues involved in teaching
>the history of psychology.
>AUTHOR INSTRUCTIONS:  Because the journal warmly welcomes submissions
>from both the psychology and history communities, authors may choose for
>their manuscript style either of two forms:  (1) that specified in the
>edition); or (2) that of the University of Chicago Press's A MANUAL OF
>STYLE (14th edition).  If the latter style is chosen, reference lists
>should be eliminated or incorporated into endnotes.  All manuscripts
>require an abstract of approximately 100 to 120 words typed on a separate
>sheet of paper at the beginning of the manuscript.  In order to assure
>anonymous reviews, all author-identifying information should be excluded
>from the body of the text.  Manuscripts must follow APA policies regarding
>language and ethics, as spelled out in the PUBLICATION MANUAL OF THE
>Submit 4 copies of articles or direct inquiries to:
>Michael M. Sokal
>Department of Humanities and Arts
>100 Institute Road
>Worcester, MA 01609-2280
>Telephone:  (508) 831-5712
>Fax:  (508) 831-5932
>E-mail:  [log in to unmask]
>Michael M. Sokal                     Editor Elect, HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY
>Professor of History                    A quarterly scholarly journal
>Dept. of Humanities & Arts              published by the
>Worcester Polytechnic Institute      AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION
>Worcester, MA  01609  USA               for its
>Telephone:  (508) 831-5712           DIVISION OF THE HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY
>Fax:  (508) 831-5932                 First issue:  Spring 1998

---------------------MESSAGE FOUR--------------------
From: "Neil Haave" <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 10:40:33 +0000
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: Course syllabus

Greetings to all ishkabiblers,

I am not sure if you remember, but in the Fall I sent out a request
for help/ideas in designing a course I am teaching next year entitled
BIO 411 - History and Theory of Biology.  This is the capstone course
for all of our biology majors at Augustana.  I received a few course
outlines and ideas from colleagues on this list for which I am very
grateful.  A number of you requested that I post my own results for
how I will teach the course.  In a sense what I am sending to you now
is a progress report.

After considering all the suggestions, I decided to approach the
course from the conceptual basis of biology.  This was suggested to
me by one of you by pointing out that the course is geared towards
BIO majors who will be most familiar not with philosophy or history
but with the basic biological concepts.

Here is what I have so far.  This is by no means completed nor are
the choices for readings absolutely set.  I welcome any comments.

A U G U S T A N A   U N I V E R I S T Y   C O L L E G E

BIO 411
History and Theory of Biology
Dr. Neil Haave

Prerequisites:        4th year standing and 6 BIO credits at the 300 level
Required texts:       Reading packet

Scope:         This course focuses on the conceptual foundations of all biology.
Hence, some aspects particular to specific biological subdisciplines will
not be covered.  This is not because they are less important, but simply
because there is not enough time to cover all aspects of all biology.  We
will therefore focus our attention on genes as being necessary but insufficient
for the ultimate and proximate causes of  biology.  Genes cannot effect life
without an environment to select or regulate them.

Structure:     Lectures will consist of discussions of assigned readings.
Some lectures will be led by students as they relate to their term paper.


TOPIC                           READING
Nature of Science           chapter 1, Science as a Process,  D.L. Hull
                                       or, preface, Scientific Revolutions , I.

Philosophy of Biology  chapter 2, Growth of Biological Thought
                                       or The autonomy of biology (QRB, 1996,
71: 97)
                                       both by E.Mayr
History of Biology        chapter 1,  Growth of Biological Thought, E.Mayr
Conceptual Development of Biology
1. diversity and evolution
                                       Kitcher. 1984. Species. Phil Sci 51: 308
                                       a commentary on Darwin
                                       history article on Aristotle, Linnaeus,
Lamarck & Buffon
2. genetics & the modern synthesis
                                       Porin. 1993. The concept of the gene. QRB
68: 173
                                       Smocovitis. 1992. Unifying biology. J
Hist Biol 25: 1
                                       Dawkins. 1981. In defense of selfish
genes. Phil 56: 556
                                       Mendel's original paper (online at
                                       Watson & Crick. 1953. A structure for..
Nature 171: 737
                                       Watson & Crick. 1953. Genetical
implications.. Nature 171: 964
                                       Gould & Lewontin. 1982. The spandrels..
Proc R Soc Lond 205: 581
                                       paper on T.H. Morgan
                                       cell theory
3. gene/environment relationship
(a) ecology                      environmental constraints and natural selection
(b) developmental biology
                                       epigenesis vs genes
                                       ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
Social Aspects of Biology
                                       Lewontin. 1991. Biology as Ideology
                                       biology chapter in Women of Science

Mark distribution:

term paper
final exam

Usefull books:  (likely on reserve)

Rosenberg, A. 1985. The Structure of Biological Science. Cambridge Univerity
Hull, D.L. 1974. Philosophy of Biological Science. Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Thanks for your help and interest.


Neil Haave, Ph.D.
mailto:[log in to unmask]
Associate Professor
Division of Biology and Chemistry                               fax      (403)
679 1129
Augustana University College                                     voice  (403)
679 1100
4901 - 46 Avenue
Camrose, AB       T4V 2R3