C. Christopher Smith wrote:
> Greetings!
> I'm a grad student in philosophy of science here at Indiana.  Faced with
> the prospect of moving this summer, I am trying to weed through my
> bookshelves.  One thing that I'm trying to get rid of -- which might be of
> interest to this group -- is the seven volume hardback set STUDIES IN THE
> HISTORY OF BIOLOGY.  It was published by John Hopkins Univ. Press 1977-84.
> It is an extraordinary reference work in the history of biology.  I'm
> asking $50 (+$8 S/H) for it (Which, I believe, is a fair price, as single
> used volumes of this set typically sell for $20+).  Email me off-list if
> you're interested, or if you want more details.
> I also have a list of other philosophy, history and science (and various
> permutations of these 3) books that I would like to sell.  Email me
> off-list if you're interested in seeing that list.
> Many Thanks,
> Chris.
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