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Dear Public Policy Colleagues,

The premier issue (Fall 2000) of Scipolicy-The Journal of Science and Health Policy is ready for your inspection and edification. We think you will find the peer-reviewed articles are important and worthy of your consideration for professional education, policy analysis, and for adoption for course use in the coming new academic year.

The 10 articles and selected collections are available as stand alone materials. They are excellent low cost materials for courses, research, and background information for executives, managers, policy makers, researchers, and professional practitioners.

Articles in the Fall 2000 issue are germane to courses in Health Administration, Health Policy, Health Financing, Health Services, Community Services, Health Strategy, Institutional Ethics and Norms, Institutional Administration and Enterprise, Governance, Public Policy, Public Administration, Psychology, Evolutionary-psychology, Science Policy, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Medical Affairs, Research Affairs.

Fall 2000 issue - The Future of Large-scale Health Systems Click here for abstracts:

1. Introduction: Federalism Values and Health Values, John Kincaid, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government, Lafayette College (17 pages)

2. Health Systems Federalism in the United States, Stephen Miles Sacks, Ph.D, Scipolicy-The Journal of Science and Health Policy (28 pages)

3. Economic Issues In Hospital Mergers and Health Systems, Erwin Blackstone, Ph.D., Temple University Department of Economics and Joseph Fuhr, Jr., Ph.D., Widener University Department of Economics (26 pages)

4. About Large-scale Health Systems, Stephen Miles Sacks, Ph.D., Editor and Publisher (20 pages)

5. Integrated Delivery Systems A Possible Cure for the Ills of Health Care, John C. McMeekin, MBA, President and CEO, Crozer-Keystone Health System (5 pages)

6. Dichotomy of Ethics of Health Systems, Stephen Miles Sacks, Ph.D., Editor and Publisher (20 pages)

7. The Case of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Stephen Miles Sacks, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher (32 pages)

8. A Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government Relations, Loet Leydesdorff, Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, Science & Technology Dynamics (5 pages)

9. Academia Interrupted: Normative Change in Science, Henry Etzkowitz, Ph.D., Science Policy Institute, State University of New York at Purchase and Center for Policy Research, University at Albany (41 pages)

10. New Understanding of Illness (first of a series) - Depression as A Behavioral Shutdown Mechanism: Disease or Evolved Defensive Strategy? Health Services Implications, Gregg Henriques, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Department of Psychiatry (20 pages)

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The Journal is published semi-annually, fall and spring - corresponding to the academic year, plus an occasional extra issue or two. The premier issue focuses on "The Future of Large-scale Health Systems." Issues in the coming year will focus on the continuing effects of science on longevity, domestic manufacturing, and the enterprise of medicine and science.

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