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The SEE virtual research institute (Semiosis. Evolution. Energy)
is setting up the second SEE conference at the University of Toronto,
for October 5, 6, 7, 8, of 2001. Themes will include the exploration
of semiosic, evolutionary, and development processes within biology,
within physics and chemistry (with a particular focus on symmetry and
asymmetry and self-organization), within robotics and computers (the
generation of knowledge) and within socioeconomic networks.
See the web site for further details.

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Genes and Information II  

October 7, Research School of the Social Sciences, Canberra

In 1999, the Philosophy Program, Research School of The Social Sciences hosted a one-day workshop on the genes and information. For the idea that an organism's genotype constitute a program or information store that specifies the phenotype of that individual is very widely endorsed. But it is an idea that has proved very difficult to sustain. It is difficult to define a notion of information that vindicates the idea that of the development resources needed to produce an organism only the genes carry information about that organism. In the June 2000 issue of Philosophy of Science, John Maynard Smith has published his attempt to crack this problem, together with his response to commentaries on that paper.  

On October 7, 2000 the Philosophy program will be hosting a second workshop, with Maynard Smith's work as one of the central foci. Maynard Smith himself will be at the workshop and will present his ideas. Other participants will be: Russell Gray (Psychology, Auckland); Kim Sterelny (Philosophy, ANU & Victoria University of Wellington); David Penny (Evolutionary Biology, Massey); Steve Downes (Philosophy, Utah); Rachel Ankeny (HPS, Sydney).

As in 1999, there will be no registration fee. But space at the workshop is limited. The idea is to have a fairly small and intimate group. So if you would like to come, please e-mail me, Kim Sterelny, at [log in to unmask], or [log in to unmask].  
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