From: ISHPSSB 2001 Meeting <[log in to unmask]>


Now is the time to be thinking seriously about assembling sessions for next
summer!  Many members have already posted prospective topics for the 2001
meetings on our bulletin board at
(Earlier problems on posting and viewing abstracts have now been fixed.)  I
encourage everyone to use the bulletin board to float their tentative ideas
with other members.  I've already heard from several non-members who have
been inspired by the postings and are considering attending the meetings
and/or joining the society.

I want to alert everyone again to the potential for organizing sessions
specifically designated for discussing papers read in advance.  Papers will
need to be posted on the web 8 weeks in advance of the meetings.  This
revives an earlier tradition of the society and we hope it can foster more
productive discussion and interaction.

Given the relatively late deadline for proposals (March 15), members who
may need letters of acceptance to apply for travel funds should contact me
as soon as needed.

Douglas Allchin,
2001 Program Chair

(See web for abstracts and details on contacting the organizer.)

Charbel Niņo El-Hani, Property Emergence
Robert Hendrick, Visual Images in Biology
Mark Madison, Origin Endangered Species
Douglas Allchin, Error: Strategy to Policy
Ilja Nieuwland, vertebrate paleontology
John M. Lynch, Intelligent Design: Then and Now
Kelly Smith, Philosophy of Developmental Biology