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Dear all,

hereby I would like to inform you on an upcoming symposium organized by 
the Research Community on Evolution and Complexity (chair: Prof. Dr.  
GertrudisVan de Vijver, Ghent University & FWO Flanders, Belgium).  The 
symposium is titled "Contextualizing the Genome: the role of  
Epigeneticsin Genetics, Development and Evolution" and will be held in 
November 2001, Ghent, Belgium. It promises to be a unique event, where  
philosophers of biology (some making a link to the history of biology) 
will try to meetmolecular biologists and epigeneticists and vice versa 
on a most fascinating topic.  In attachment, please find a word-document 
with further information,including the conference-website which holds a 
link to the abstracts.

With most kind regards, Lien V.S.
on behalf of the organizing committee of the RCEC

Scientific Research Community, FWO - Flanders

International Interdisciplinary Symposium 
organized by
Lien Van Speybroeck, Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Dani De Waele, Denis 
Research Unit on Evolution and Complexity - Ghent University 

25-28 November 2001
Ghent University - Het Pand - Belgium

Contextualizing the Genome:
the Role of Epigenetics in
Genetics, Development & Evolution

Gene expression depends on various of its surrounding contexts (from 
intracellular to environmental). However, can any of these contexts be 
seen as more crucial than others in determining gene expression? Are 
they to be seen as mutually determining? What is their respective impact 
on the development and evolution of living beings? These problems of 
genomic context will be explored from within epigenetics. Going 'beyond' 
a strict gene-centrism, epigenetics studies heritable changes in gene 
function that cannot be explained by changes in DNA sequence. Leading 
researchers in epigenetics and philosophers of science are asked (i) to 
reflect upon the biological relevance of recent epigenetic experiments, 
and (ii) to investigate the implications of epigenetics for the existing 
philosophical and scientific models and views on more advanced theories 
on molecular genetics, developmental biology and evolutionary theory.

Eva JABLONKA (Israel), Marion LAMB (UK), Anna DEPICKER (Belgium), Jurek 
PASZKOWSKI (CH), Marjori MATZKE (Austria), James GRIESEMER (USA), Denis 
Eörs SZATMARY (Hungary Denise BARLOW (Austria), Alan WOLFFE (USA), 
Frederick MEINS, Jr. (CH), Richard FLAVELL (USA), David BAULCOMBE (UK), 
Bernhard STRAUSS (Austria), Miroslaw RADMAN (France), Evelyn FOX KELLER 
(USA), Michel MORANGE (France), William WIMSATT (USA), Gerd MÜLLER 
(Austria), Scott GILBERT (USA)

and a public lecture by the author of "The Ovary of Eve" Clara 


Lectures up to 30 minutes. Short discussion after each lecture, general 
discussion at the end of each session. Sessions arranged per theme 
rather than per discipline. Possibility to submit posters until 1 
October 2001. Registration fee, incl. book of abstracts & coffee: USD 
100 or BEF 4.000 (students: USD 25 or BEF 1.000).

Scientific Programme Committee  

Werner CALLEBAUT, Konrad Lorenz Institut for Evolution and Cognition 
Research (Austria)
Geert DE JAEGER, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Ghent University (Belgium)
Anna DEPICKER, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Ghent University (Belgium)
Bernard FELTZ, Dept. of Philosophy of Science, Université Catholique de 
Louvain (Belgium)
Helena VAN HOUDT, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Ghent University 
Walter VERRAES, Dept. of Biology, Ghent University (Belgium)
Marc ZABEAU, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Ghent University (Belgium)

Registration & Information

Deadline for registration (300 places): 1 October 2001
Electronic registration & on-line programme information on WWW at: 
(see under "news")
Contact address: 
Lien Van Speybroeck 
Ghent University, Dept. of Philosophy & Moral Science
Blandijnberg 2 (room 210), B-9000 Ghent, Belgium 
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Lien Van Speybroeck
Ghent University
Dept. Philosophy & Moral Science
Blandijnberg 2 - Room 210
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