Hey AMSA peeps!
  For those of you who missed last Thursday's meeting, we basically covered
the position descriptions (see the attached documents).  PLEASE CONTACT ME
meeting so well, we would love it for everyone to be involved as little or
as much as is possible.  It would be great if there were a few people who
wanted to step up to take more responsibility and learn about AMSA, the
activities we do, the University, etc.  We are also VERY SENSITIVE to exam
schedules.  We know that the first year can be overwhelming, and we do not
want you to feel as if you are unsupported or cannot put your school work
first.  That said...AMSA is a great organization and you will learn a lot
working with the organization as well as make connections with docs
involved in activism/human rights/health disparities/etc.  
  Also, we began the planning for World AIDS Day.  Our commemoration will
happen on Monday, December 2nd with Todd Seigel ([log in to unmask]) heading
it up.  The first meeting was today over lunch and we will be sent an
update as to what happened and what the plans are.  If you want to help
out, contact Todd ASAP!
  Anyone who has an activity idea that they would like to see happen,
please contact me and the other future co-chairs and we will do what we can
to give you support.  Basically, we want AMSA to serve as a voice for
progressive action in medicine.  So, we wanted the structure to remain
flexible so that we could make room for student ideas and initiative.
  If you are specifically interested in the Pharmaceutical initiative,
contact Aaron Rutzick--I think you are just going to have to find him (he
does NOT check his e-mail).  If you are interested in global health/human
rights, contact Quy Ton at [log in to unmask]

  And, finally, contact me with any questions, comments, etc. and if you
are interested in a leadership position.

Take care,