Guide to this MONSTER e-mail
   I. CSAE meeting coming up 1/5/03
   II. 12/16 meeting minutes
       A. Follow Up on World AIDS Day meeting
       B. Fundraising
       C. Plans for Spring - No Free Lunch, National Convention, website

Hey AMSA folks!
I. First, just a quick note: For those interested in speaking with the
State of Minnesota Board on Health Care (I don't think that is quite the
right name, but it's vacation...) on the Clinical Skills Assessment Exam
(CSAE--you know the test that will cost medical students at least an
additional $1000 where you go to interview patients in front of a panel of
people?), please contact Stephanie Stanton at [log in to unmask]  This
meeting will happen JANUARY 5th so contact her ASAP!

II. for those who were unable to make the 12/16 meeting, I just wanted to
send out the minutes so you could know what went on...

A. Follow Up on World AIDS Day events
     --people liked Dr. Henry's lecture on "Providing Retroviral Therapy in
Resource Poor Settings: The Glass is Half Full" although they felt he was
not the most dynamic speaker, people also liked the booths set up that day
     --people liked the "Women and AIDS: A Conversation" A LOT
     --the lecture by Dr. Bohanjen was misadvertised, he ended up speaking
on his experiences in Haiti rather than "Treatment and Prophylaxis" as the
lecture was advertised
     --in total, our fundraising for a community organization was $235 and
we decided we would give it to Open Arms of Minnesota
     --those who will be around and available next year really wanted to
see it happen again, they were interested in planning it earlier and
possibly having an HIV positive person come to speak, Todd is going to put
together a list of what was done this year so that the planners next year
will have it to go from

B. Fundraising
     --we were interested in working at the various sporting events
(Mariucci, Target Center, Dome, etc.) to get some $$$$, the ever so lovely
Mandee Vossen was doing some research on the Target Center to see when and
if we could do it
     --Quy was interested in doing a "Cultural Show" with SNMA that he
envisioned being sort of like a real talent show, people could read things
they had written, play musical instruments, etc.
     --we were also thinking of a raffle, possibly connected to the talent
show or on its own

C. Spring Activities / No Free Lunch
     --Aaron, Will, and Phil reported on a meeting they had with Dr.
Charlie Muldow about the pharmaceutical industry and the marketing put out
to med students, doctors, etc.
     --many people were interested in focusing on this in the spring, so
Aaron requested that we all think about this and what direction we wanted
to take with it for next semester
     --this was not brought up at the meeting, but Caleb (although he
doesn't quite know it yet) and I are going to be working on some universal
health care stuff, forums, etc.
     --National Convention-see earlier e-mails

Whew-yeee!!! Enough from me right now...

Take care,