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Hey AMSA folks,

So, it was Saturday night and I was submitting my CV to apply to be on a 
Committee in AMSA's House of Delegates, when I thought about following 
Caleb's lead in submitting a resolution as I was bored since my nieces and 
nephew had just gone to bed.  So, in typical last-minute fashion, I threw 
some words together and sent off a resolution just in time.  It builds off 
of the work of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM).

Attached is a copy of the AMSA Resolution on "University research, 
intellectual property and access to essential medicines in resource-poor 
settings" that I submitted.  Also attached is a copy of a Yale workshop 
report on Access to Essential Medicines and University Research: Building 
Best Practices.  It gives a great overview of what UAEM is working on, 
namely what universities can do as patent holder to promote access to 
essential meds (especially AIDS drugs) in developing countries.  It's also 
online at:,%20final%20report.doc

UAEM has been meeting weekly during lunch on Thursdays in 400 Ford Hall, but 
may soon change meeting times.  The group is really swinging into action and 
hopes to host a couple symposia this semester and to get the University 
Regents to vote for an ethical clause in patent policy by the end of the 
school year.  If anybody is interested in attending meetings, please let me 
know.  See you at the next AMSA meeting next Thursday during lunch.

Peace out.


Dear Carol Clarke,

Attached is a copy of a resolution I submitted to the AMSA website just 
prior to the deadline.  I forgot to include a reference, but have included 
the citation in the attached resolution and also attached a copy of the 
reference.  The reference can also be found online at:,%20final%20report.doc

Please let me know if there are any problems or questions with the 
resolution.  Thank you.

Quy Ton

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