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Here are the ISHPSSB 2005 Schedule Changes as of 5 pm Central time, Monday July 11, 2005.  A final posting of changes will be printed tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) and placed in people's registration packets.  (These changes have been made on the online schedule already).

Thursday 9:15-10:45:  There will be no commentator for the session English Pioneers in Heredity.
Thursday 2-3:30:  Jay Odenbaugh has withdrawn from the Ecosystems session.
Friday 2-3:30: Claire Waterton has withdrawn from the session Modern Problems of Classification.
Friday 2-3:30:  The session Saving Nature? Nature Protection, Ecological Restoration, and Sustainable Development has been moved from Saturday, July 16 at 2-3:30 pm, to Friday July 15 at 2-3:30 pm in MACK 223.
Friday 2-3:30:  The order of speakers in the session Concepts of Cause in Biology, (MACK 238) has been changed, and a commentator has been added. The session now looks like this:

2:00-3:05: Introduction (2 min.) and papers

C. Kenneth Waters (University of Minnesota) "Replacing the homunculi interpretation of gene causation with a manipulability interpretation"

Sandra Mitchell (University of Pittsburgh) "Accounting for causal inferences in         knockout experiments requires rethinking the modularity condition in Woodward's account of causality."

Kathryn Plaisance (University of Minnesota) "Are different conceptions of cause are a source of tension between behavioral genetics and developmental psychology?"

Andrew Hamilton (UCSD) "Using Mitchell's and Woodward's accounts of explanation to compare regularities in ecology with regularities across the sciences."

3:05-3:20: James Woodward (Cal Tech) Comments and Queries

3:20-3:30: Open Discussion

Lynn K. Nyhart
ISHBSSB 2005 Program Chair
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