Official ISHPSSB Announcement: Questionnaire concerning HP
PLEASE COMPLETE THIS E-MAIL QUESTIONNAIRE AND RETURN IT BY MIDNIGHT PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME SATURDAY AUGUST 20 TO PHIL SLOAN AT [log in to unmask] If you wish to preserve anonymity in your response, you may detach and mail the Questionnaire to Phil Sloan, Program of Liberal Studies, 215 O'Shaughnessy Hall, University of Notre Dame 46556. The mail Questionnaire must be postmarked by August 20. You may also send your response as an attached document without your name indicated. Please send these in MS Word format or in Rich Text Format if using other word processors.

1. Should the Society sponsor a journal? (This need not be HPLS.)

 x __ Approve


If (1) is affirmative: 

2. Should the official journal of the Society be HPLS?

__ x __Approve

If (2) is affirmative:

3. Do you agree to an English-only publication policy?

__ x ___Approve


Other Comments (Brief)

I approve, but I do think it should be an open experiment, and the possibility of ending the contract should be a realistic one.

Please return by the end of the day PDT, August 20

*** End of announcement

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