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Hi all,
I just wanted to chime in with another alternative for JEOL upgrades. For
more information please contact me directly at [log in to unmask]

We offer direct TCP/IP support for JEOL 8900 and 8200 instruments on a PC
for acquisition, automation and analysis including full column control of
all parameters. This full featured PC package can supplement or entirely
replace the HP computer. Our system is currently running on an 8900 at NASA
Marshall Flight Center (Paul Carpenter) and on a new 8200 at Cal Tech (Ma
Chi). The cost is a fraction of what JEOL charges for their upgrade and
includes a full implementation all of my advanced algorithms, techniques
and modeling software.

John J. Donovan, Pres.
Probe Software, Inc
885 Crest Drive
Eugene, OR

(541) 343-3400
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