Greetings - here are a couple announcements from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy admissions office:

1- It pays to apply early!
You already know the time it takes for your application to be processed by PharmCAS, then sent to our institution.  Only at that point can you access your supplemental application, and we can only review your file when your supplemental application is complete. Please keep in mind that the sooner we receive your application, then the sooner we can invite you to interview.  Our interview dates for this spring are February 24, March 3 and March 10.

2- New PCAT test site: University of Minnesota - Duluth
We are pleased to announce that applicants may now take the PCAT exam at UMD.  Upcoming dates for the PCAT are the following:  January 21, 2006; June 24, 2006; October 21, 2006; and January 20, 2007.

Please call our offices with any questions.

Peter Haeg
University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
Office of Student Services
308 Harvard St. SE
WDH 5-110
Minneapolis MN 55455

tel. +(612) 624-9490
fax +(612) 626-4838