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* Hello Will,

We purchased a Cressington 308 station from Ted Pella about 3 years ago. It has a quartz thickness monitor attachment (MTM-10) and is set up to evaporate metals as well as carbon, but it is a modular design, so you only buy what you need.

Perhaps a more expensive solution than you want or need. However, aside from a bell jar arriving as granulate (which was more likely the shipping company's fault than Ted Pella's) it has worked very well. Moreover, Ted Pella was very helpful with the few glitches we did have.

The only thing I still want is some kind of miniature vacuum cleaner (like a data vac), because the coater had a deep well that is difficult to keep free of debris.


Alfred Kracher
Ames Laboratory (USDOE)
Iowa State University
227 Wilhelm Hall
Ames, IA 50011-3020
Tel.: 515 294 7097