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To: ISHPSSB members
From: Michael R. Dietrich, Chair, Nominating Committee
Subject: Nominees for upcoming ISHPSSB election
 This message contains the preliminary slate for the upcoming ISHPSSB election. Many thanks to all who suggested names and to the members of the Nominating Committee for their hard work.
This year we must elect a President-Elect, who will become President for 2009-2011, a Program Officer for ISHPSSB 2009, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and three members of the council for 2007-2011.  Members are invited to review the slate below. If they desire, members may submit their own nominations.  The procedure to nominate others (or yourself) for any of the elected positions includes sending the name of the nominee, the position for which that individual is being nominated, a brief (200 word) biography, and the nominee's statement that she or he is willing to stand for election to Michael R. Dietrich, Chair of the Nominating Committee ([log in to unmask]). To be included on the final slate, each nominee must receive two nominations for the same position from current members of the Society. The final date for such nominations and supporting material is April 21st.

 The final slate of candidates will be mailed to members with supporting material and ballots in the spring newsletter. Be sure that your membership is up to date so that you will receive the printed newsletter. Watch for the newsletter and cast your ballot!

 In choosing the following nominees, the Nominating Committee strove to achieve balance with regard to field, gender, nationality, and experience. Additionally, some candidates have been nominated by the membership. Our sincere thanks to all who have agreed to be nominated.

  Preliminary Slate for the ISHPSSB 2007 election:

Ana Barahona
    Elihu Gerson

Program Officer
     Manfred Laublicher and Marsha Richmond, Co-Chairs

      Roberta Millstein

      Lisa Gannett

Council (vote for three)
Tara Abraham
Christina Brandt
Nathaniel Comfort
John Dupre
Jean Gayon
Judy Johns Schloegel
Betty Smocovitis
Bruno Strasser

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