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Dear Ish members,

It seems we have many Society-related issues to discuss recently.  To facilitate those discussions, I have created some new electronic bulletin boards (aka "forums") on the Ish website.  Three of the new bulletin boards are tied to issues falling under the purview of specific committees, namely, the Education Commmittee, the Off-Year Workshop Committee, and the Publications Committee.

Why these three?  The Education Bulletin Board can be the place where we discuss issues raised towards the end of the last Business Meeting, namely, whether ISHPSSB should make statements on controversial issues and whether ISHPSSB should make a statement on Intelligent Design (ID) in particular, as well as what the procedure for developing such statements might be.  The Off-Year Workshop Bulletin Board can facilitate discussions begun in Exeter concerning various proposals for off-year workshops for Summer 2008.  And the Publications Bulletin Board can help us continue our conversations about whether the Society ought to have its own journal (in print or online) and how it might foster other forms of online collaborative research.

Let me emphasize that you need not be a member of a particular committee in order to participate in these discussions; all Ish members are encouraged to join in.  I can create bulletin boards for other committee-related issues if there seems to be a need.  In the meantime, I have also created a General Discussion Bulletin Board for other issues.  The Student Bulletin Board, for grad student-related issues, remains in place.

The bulletin boards can be found at:

In order to reduce spam (yes, people do try to spam our bulletin boards!) the creation of a login account is required.  If you have already created a login account for any of the pre-conference bulletin boards, you should be able to use the same account.  Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties with the bulletin boards.

I hope that you find these bulletin boards to be a productive means of communication.  Let the discussions begin!

Roberta Millstein
ISHPSSB Listserv/Discussion Board Moderator
ISHPSSB Secretary

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