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   Do any of you have a Pfeiffer/Balzers TPH330 turbo pump on your JEOL
microprobe?  The TPH330 is one of those turbo's with the rotor oriented
horizontally or I should say normal to the throat opening.  As such, the
pump is heavier at one end because of the electronic connection point.  My
question is how is how is that pump hung/supported on your probe.  Is it
fully hanging from the ISO-K flexible bellows or do you have some kind of
support under the bottom of the pump.
    I acquired this 733 in June  with the intention of using it for spare
parts.  However, what I needed from it was limited too the WDS tanks.  I
want to see if the instrument is still functional and I'm now trying to
install it.


Michael M. Cheatham
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Syracuse University                         Fax   (315)-443-3363
Syracuse, NY 13244-1070

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