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* EBSD Workshop May 2008 Madison WI

The Microbeam Analysis Society is organizing a topical workshop on EBSD,  May 20-21-22, 2008, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The first day will be an all day tutorial for beginners, on the basics of EBSD techniques and application. The instructors will be Andrew Deal (General Electric Global Research Center) and Joseph Michael (Sandia National Laboratories). Specific topics to be addressed include: Forming, collecting, and indexing EBSD patterns in the SEM; Using EBSD to measure microtexture in materials; Identification of crystalline phases using EBSD and EDX; Application of EBSD to Material Science and Geological problems. Later in the afternoon there will be an "Ask the experts" session, with experienced practitioners of EBSD to answer questions about its practical use: J.R. Michael, L.N. Brewer, S.I. Wright (EDAX), S. Sitzman (Oxford), A. Deal.

The next two days of the workshop will consist of invited and contributed talks, with general categories including: In situ measurements in EBSD; EBSD in three dimensions; Frontiers in EBSD technique development; Materials Science and Engineering applications; Geological applications.

Confirmed speakers and titles of their talks are:
David Prior, University of Liverpool - "The beauty of triclinics: advantages and challenges of EBSD studies of plagioclase feldspar";
Hans-Rudolf Wenk, University of California at Berkeley - "EBSD for texture analysis: Quantification, limitations and comparison with other techniques";
Donna Whitney, University of Minnesota - "Applications of EBSD to metamorphic petrology: the tectonics of metamorphic crystallization";
Aimo Winkelmann, MPI für Mikrostrukturphysik - "Recent Advances in Dynamical Simulations of EBSD";
Gregory Rohrer, Carnegie Mellon University - "Determining Five-Parameter Grain Boundary Character Distributions From Orientation Mapping in Three Dimensions";
David Rowenhurst, Naval Research Laboratory - "Crystallographic and Morphological Analysis by Combining EBSD and Serial Sectioning".

Thanks to support from NSF and others, there will be a significant amount of funds for student support.

There will be limited enrollment, so early registration is urged. Online registration will commence January 15 at

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Sponsored by: NSF, EDAX-TSL, and Oxford-HKL, with additional support from Hitachi-USA and JEOL-USA.
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