Greetings applicants & prospective students:
The February 1 deadline for applying to the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy is fast approaching - AND the number of applicants we are admitting is rising, too!
We are now halfway to our goal of inviting 350 applicants to interview on our two campuses (Twin Cities and Duluth).  We are posting up-to-date statistics on our website:
If you are applying this year to the college, we strongly recommend submitting your application soon if you haven't already done so.  Those who wait until the deadline may find themselves out of luck.
Please contact our offices if you have any questions about our admissions process.
Take care,
Peter Haeg
Director of Student Services
University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
308 Harvard St. SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
Tel. 612-624-2649
Fax: 612-626-4838