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For carbon arc welding the proper shade is 14.  It is a little challenging to find, but you can find the plates and replace the plates that come with the goggles with the 14.  The safety note is that I’ve only found shade 14 in glass plates, so there is a potential for breakage.  Shade 14 works very well when the arc is on, but you can’t see anything when it isn’t, but you’ll preserve your eyesight.




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Subject: [PROBE-USERS] Proper shade for vacuum evaporation


I'd like to purchase additional welding googles for use while coating specimens in our new vacuum evaporator (via thermal evaporation using sharpened carbon rods).  I have one old pair of welding googles, but I have no idea what shade they are (they don't appear to be labelled).  Does anyone know the minimum shade value for this purpose?  5?  10?  15?  Something in-between?  I and other researchers in the lab enjoy seeing, so I'd like to choose the right shade.






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