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* Hello Ellery,

At 6/12/2008 10:00 AM, you wrote:

We have an 8900, but we also have the latest software updates, so I 
don't know if it still uses the original 8800 files or the newest 8200 
files.  I'm not sure if this could explain our low totals even when 
we're not measuring oxygen, but that's a very good question!  (Hint, 
hint: any JEOL folks want to chime in either on- or off-list?)

We've been looking at this before. I'll be in touch shortly.

On the other matter, your inquiry about microprobe sociology, I am working on a short comment that I will also send you as soon as I can spare the time. Right now I am catching up after a few days of down time caused by excessive humidity.


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