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Hi John,

> Just to be sure, do you see an increase in the Si concentration when  
> the H2O is included in the matrix correction? . . .

I'll have the researcher check his data files for this -- I believe  
so.  And I see that effect in my rhyolite glass samples.

> Finally, did you perform an area peak factor correction for the  
> oxygen measurement relative to your oxygen standard? . . .

I'd have to check on that.  I know that three different standards for  
oxygen gave essentially the same result.  But I'll check...

> I guess the other question is what oxygen mass absorption  
> coefficient did you use? . . .

It should be the standard value in JEOL's data  -- I'll check that too.

> I'm guessing that you will find the low totals being due to a number  
> of small effects rather than a single large effect.

That, of course, is another distinct possibility.