This afternoon, between 3:30 and 4;30 PM, the airport snowy owl was
once again frequenting the area around the glycol facility, just north
of the first tunnel on Cargo Road. It appears she'd been hunting along
the chain link fence on the north side of the facility's driveway
entrance, because just as we drove in, she rose up from there and flew
to the nearest lamppost just north on Cargo Road. She roosted there
for a long time, long enough for some photos, showing both her
extensive breast and belly bars, and the black crown feathers. Then
she flew south over the glycol building and perched on a light at the
road's edge on the opposite side of Cargo. She made a brief foray over
the runway just to the south, then returned to the lightpost, where
she disgorged a large pellet, indicating recent hunting success. She
was still resting there when we departed.
Linda Whyte

PS: For those unfamiliar with it, the glycol facility is the building
with two large blue tanks for holding de-icing fluid. It is opposite
the UPS buildings, and is on the west side (left, going in) of Cargo

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