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*January 22, 2009

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Date: January 22, 2009
Sponsor: Lakes Area Birding Club, Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce
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This is the Northwest Minnesota Birding Report for Thursday, January 22, 2009 sponsored by the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce. You may also hear this report by calling (218)847-5743 or 1-800-433-1888.

This has been a week of contrasts. The first part of the week was very cold, the last part quite mild, and now we are headed into the extreme cold once more. The result is that very little melting occurred in the northwest, and so far little ice resulted. That is a good thing, but most would prefer not to reenter the icebox once more.

Frank Nicoletti and Dave Alexander were banding owls in Lake of the Woods County last weekend. They found a NORTHERN HAWK OWL on the Pitt grade in the Beltrami Island State Forest, two on the north end of MN 72, and one on MN 71. A GREAT GRAY OWL was found along MN 72 south of Baudette.

In Roseau County, the banding team located two NORTHERN HAWK OWLS along MN 310, and one about four miles south of Salol. Two GREAT GRAY OWLS were seen along MN 310. Beth Siverhus reported a NORTHERN SHRIKE and COMMON REDPOLLS in their yard in Warroad on January 19. On January 22, twenty BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS flew through the yard.

From Kittson County on January 18, Larry Wilebski reported a SNOWY OWL, different from the one previously reported, along CR 6 west of Lancaster. Also on January 18, Larry did his annual count of SHARP-TAILED GROUSE and tallied 126 in the county. Other species reported included both COMMON REDPOLLS and HOARY REDPOLLS.

Katie Haws reported BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS at Hines in Beltrami County. She also observed two NORTHERN HAWK OWLS along MN 72 in Beltrami County. Frank Nicoletti and Dave Alexander located a NORTHERN HAWK OWL off Dick's Parkway south of the Morehouse forest road.

In Clearwater County, Katie Haws found a NORTHERN HAWK OWL 4.5 miles south of Shevlin on January 18.

Shelley Steva saw a small flock of LAPLAND LONGSPURS in Pennington County on January 16 near the intersection of US 59 and CR 3.

A BOREAL OWL seen near Trail in Polk County was reported by Shelley on January 16. I do not have a more precise location. Bruce Flaig saw a HOODED MERGANSER fishing in a small amount of open water by the Polk County park near Maple Lake.

Dean Riemer found a SNOWY OWL at the Moorhead Crystal Sugar Ponds in Clay County near Moorhead. The bird was on the dike of the most northeasterly cell near the intersection of 28 Ave. N and 28th St. N.

Brad and Dee Ehlers in Otter Tail County reported 75 COMMON REDPOLLS at the Glendalough SP feeders in Otter Tail County on January 19. They also saw an AMERICAN ROBIN about two miles south of Ottertail.

Susan Wiste near Alexandria in Douglas County reported three NORTHERN CARDINALS, PURPLE FINCHES , and COMMON REDPOLLS in her yard on January 16.

Thanks to Beth Siverhus, Brad and Dee Ehlers, Bruce Flaig, Dean Riemer, Frank Nicoletti, Dave Alexander, Katie Haws, Larry Wilebski, Shelley Steva, and Susan Wiste for their reports.

Please report bird sightings to Jeanie Joppru by email, no later than Thursday each week, at [log in to unmask] OR call the Detroit Lakes Chamber's toll free number: 1-800-542-3992. Detroit Lakes area birders please call 847-9202. Please include the county where the sighting took place. The next scheduled update of this report is Thursday, January 29, 2009.

Jeanie Joppru Pennington County, MN