Sorry for the late post, but we were away from the computer.
On Dec.31, we observed a Northern Hawk Owl along Hwy 61 about a mile 
south of Beaver Bay.(Lake County) It was perched on the top of a birch 
snag just a few feet from the road, and seemed unconcerned when we 
parked along the road (nice shoulder there) to get a better look at it. 
It was just north of the intersection with Pine Bay Loop road.
On Jan 2 we observed  a Black-backed Woodpecker while cross-country 
skiing in the Sugar-bush ski trail system near Tofte (Cook County). It 
was about 15 feet off the side of the trail, debarking an evergreen, and 
seemed to pay no attention to skiers going by.

Becky and Mark Lystig

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