I was able to relocate the Snowy Owl in Dodge County that Ken Vail reported on Saturday.  Ken found it between 700th and 710th along County 3 south of Claremont.  After driving around the area this morning I was able to refind it a mile and a half East and a mile north of the original spot.  It was east of 140th (which runs parallel (North-South) to County 3) and between 690th and 700th.  It was on the east side of the road and a half mile from the road, centered in the middle of Section 35 on a white post (there is also a white post right near the road to serve as a reference point).  I first spotted it about 9:20am.  While I was watching it, the snow started coming down and the visibility quickly deteriorated to the point where the owl was no longer visible due to the blowing snow.

This location is very close to the area where Ken has spotted Snowy Owls the past couple of years.

Ken, thanks for reporting your sighting.

Bob Ekblad
Byron, MN

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