This has turned out to be an exceptional winter for Hoary Redpoll
in Minnesota, certainly one of  the largest invasions on record. As winter
seasonal compilers for the MOU, Drew Smith, Paul Budde and I wish to thank all
of the birders who have taken the time and effort to post and document their
sightings of this rare-regular species to the MOU web site. Only through your
documented reports is it possible to track and evaluate the extent of this
amazing invasion. We realize that birders in northern counties tend to find
many more individuals of this species than do birders in the southern counties
and we really appreciate their documentation as well. A recent string of
postings to MOU-net from southern Minnesota dealing with possible leucistic
Common Redpolls shows how important it is to document this potentially
confusing species, especially females and immatures. As you all know, this has
also been an irruptive year for Common Redpolls throughout the state (even
south to Texas). There is a well documented degree of overlap in plumage
characteristics between Common and Hoary Repolls, so it has been especially
important to receive well-documented reports of the latter. Thanks again, and
please continue to document your sighting through the remainder of the spring

Good birding to all, 

Jim Mattsson

Drew Smith

Paul Budde

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