Hey birders!

A Hoary Redpoll showed up again at the feeding station on the south side of the chapel at Bethany Lutheran College.  The bird was foraging with 30-40 Common Redpolls.  This does not appear to be the same bird that made a one-day appearance back in January.  Yesterday I saw a pale bird at my feeding station but by the time I retrieved my binoculars, the whole flock had been flushed.  It may be the same bird now at the Bethany feeding station.

Redpoll numbers have risen in the last week, probably reflecting transients heading back north.  It has been fun learning their vocalizations and the heirarchy in the Carduelis ranks at the feeding station (siskins push out goldfinches; redpolls push out siskins).

Happy birding!

Chad Heins
Mankato, MN


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