This was meant primarily for those going to and from Salt lake this weekend,
so I apologize for it being tardy.

Two locations starting to produce birds in the county.

The drawdown of Olson Lake WPA in the SW part of the county.  The birds of
note there today were not shorebirds, but 7 Smith's longspurs that briefly
stopped to take a drink and bathe.  A few tundra swans still present and
about 50 shorebirds including 7 species.

Location #2- from the town of Pennock on state hwy 12 (west of Willmar), go
west 1.4 miles and turn north on 120th St NW.  Proceed north about .8 mi.
About 80 shorebirds present including both hudsonian and marbled godwits.

Also seen in the county today, one cattle egret, flying.

Randy Frederickson

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