We were at Hyland Park as well looking for the Yellow Breasted Chat from
about 5:00 to 6:30 PM.

We did not locate the Chat but while waiting we saw many birds including
many Catbirds, a singing Willow Flycatcher, and then as we were about to
leave we saw an unexpected and welcome surprise, an Eastern Towhee.    At
first we saw him fly from the grass as we had scared him out walking along
the path.  Then after waiting for about 5 minutes he flew up and sat in a
tree for another 5 minutes sitting in place giving us an excellent look at
him.  This was a first for us and was very exciting to see.

We saw it by the fork in the trail as you head towards the intersection with
the Yellow-Breasted Chat coming from the Edgewood parking lot mentioned


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