The Ruff is currently at the far west end, feeding with Dunlin and Dowitchers 100m out.
Doug Kieser

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May 14

Found a female alternate Ruff at west end of Lake Byllesby. It was first seen on the Goodhue side of the mudflats, but eventually flew north into Dakota. The bird was 2.5 times the size of Dunlin and showed bright pale orange legs, visible from 400+ m. Jim Otto, Conny Brunell and I eventually got closer views. We could see its short, thin, slightly decurved bill, its smallish head (for its size), its overall plump appearance, its large dark-centered scapulars and mantle, and most enjoyable to watch were its chicken-like movements and it fed and harassed other birds. It mostly held its head low and close to the body appearing "neck-less".

Later, I found a single Marbled Godwit and 2 Hudsonians. Most if not all of the same species from yesterday were still present, some in much larger numbers, ie. Sanderling (20, including one alternate bird), S-b Dowitchers (50).

Jim Mattsson

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