0700 hours.  One piping plover on Detroit Lakes City Beach near Lake Ave. and J&K Marina.  dog flushed it from behind a boat on the beach and it made 3 peep calls and landed 10 feet from me.  I saw a pale plover, one neck band, black line on forehead, white supercilium, black eyes and yellowish legs.  I observed it with binoculars before running home to get my camera.  I went back with the camera, a point and click digital, and approached the bird in the same location I left it.  It started running along the beach giving a pee-loo call.  I took two pictures but they are not good enough to distinguish.  It flew south over the lake calling pee-loo, pee-loo until it was out of sight and ear shot.  I would not be surprised if it is back on the beach by now.  I will keep looking for it today as time allows.


Also on the lake;

200+ horned grebes

400+ D.C. cormorants

A.W. pelicans

bonaparte's gull

r.b. gull

scaup spp.

forster's tern 

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