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Margaret Mangan at USGS, Menlo Park, is looking for a contract lab 
who will separate olivine crystals from basaltic scoria/lapilli (4-5 
kg). If anyone knows of such a facility, please contact her

>Margaret T. Mangan, PhD
>Volcano Hazards Team, MS 910
>U.S. Geological Survey
>345 Middlefield Road
>Menlo Park, CA  94025   USA
>telephone: (650) 329-5738
>fax: (650) 329-5203
>email: [log in to unmask]

John Fournelle, Ph.D.	       office: (608) 262-7964   cell: (608) 438-7480
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Dept of Geology & Geophysics      fax: (608) 262-0693
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