So, a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was seen on July 25th and the first mention
of it on MOU-NET or the MOU-RBA listserv was on July 30th - 5 days later
through the weekly RBA updates (same thing happened with the Worm-eating
Warbler earlier this year).  If it were not for the weekly recap and Diane's
posting, how many people would know about and be able to see this beautiful

Can someone tell me what the point of either listserv is if almost nobody
reports rare birds on it anymore?

Derek Bakken
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Please contribute your sightings to our list; it is only as good as members
make it!

Also, please report your bird sightings to eBird and/or the IOU/MOU.  The
information gathered is vital to the future of birds.

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