I found a gaggle of birders at the Jason Adam Ct. location when I arrived at 2:15 today, July 2. ?I did not leave the spot until 9:30 when it was too dark to see the rocks. ?The other birders had been in the area since 1:00ish. ?So - in all that time the Brown Pelican made no appearance. ?There's a grove of trees that encroach to near the rocks from the right. ?The owner of that property came over at one point to find out why the cul de sac has been so popular. ?He mentioned that he'd been seeing the bird pretty consistently for a few days. ?He mentioned that his boat passed within 50 feet of it and it just looked back at the humans.

I saw and heard 39 species of birds while on Jason Adam Ct. road.

Linda Sparling

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