This email represents a request for 'field-testers' to try out a new 
handbook intended for supplemental use in first-year Greek courses.

With combined experience of over a half-century teaching Attic Greek, we 
have encountered a growing problem in the college classroom. The problem 
rests not with the primers themselves, but with their presentation of 
formal grammar -- they simply presume too much knowledge of English 
grammar. A generation ago, most students of Greek came to Athens by way of 
Rome. Now that is not the case; few college students have studied Latin 
extensively before they approach Greek.

Our handbook requires very little prior knowledge of English grammar and 
essentially no knowledge of Latin. It surveys common American English usage 
of all parts of speech and syntax, with passing nods to the history of 
English and American slang. In each section, we ‘reacquaint’ students 
with their own language and then introduce the Attic Greek counterparts 
with clear and copious examples.

The handbook (118 pages of text) is not a Greek primer as such, but is 
intended as a complement to a (any) primer. We are searching for 
individuals willing to try the book out in the classroom, identify 
strengths and deficiencies, and help us identify any errors of content and 
format. If interested, please contact Peter Corrigan at Kalamazoo College 
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