Here are a few notable weekend birds from Grant/Douglas/Otter Tail  
4 Red-necked Phalaropes were seen at Ashby Sewage Ponds (scope  
required); the ponds are closed, but you can gaze longingly over the  
padlocked gates. A short distance away where the stream leaves  
Pelican Lake, we spotted a bird nonchalantly standing knee-deep in  
the flowing water. An Egret, Heron? Nope, an adult Cooper's Hawk  
calmly preening, using the stream as a bird bath.

Five miles away at Lake Christina in Douglas county the American  
Coots are gathering. We roughly (and probably, conservatively)  
estimated 20.000 coots on the lake. Among the coots were a pair of  
Western Grebes still carrying three young ones on their backs. At the  
sand and gravel pits on the west side of Lake Christina about a dozen  
Turkey Vultures calmly loafed and returned our stares, allowing us to  
reflect upon our mortality.

Observers: Dan & Sandy Thimgan, Jeff Schultz, Tom Egeberg

Battle Lake MN
Otter Tail County

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