September is here, and that means we're resuming our monthly meetings  
after taking a 2-month summer break.  Please note the change in day  
(and also the slight change in time):

Thursday Sep. 17
11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
101 Walter

This month's topic will be our traditional "return to our roots" that  
we do at least once a year, and focus on CSS and all that it can  
leverage and control, including:

* layout and positioning
* typography
* styling or 'skinning'

Where appropriate, we'll also address (X)HTML as it pertains to CSS.   
For the most part, we'll try to steer clear of scripting languages and  
save that for another meeting.

Also, note that the underlying focus of this is design and  
presentation (graphic versus medium / device); our October meeting is  
tentatively set to focus on design for mobile devices.

So if you are interested in providing us with any updated tips, recent  
developments, innovative suggestions, and demos that we can see on  
screen, please send me an email!

And to RSVP (for lunch), please visit:

Thank you,

Kris Layon, meeting facilitator
UM Web Standards & Accessibility Workgroup

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Director of Web Design & Online Collaboration
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