*Detroit Lakes
*October 1, 2009

-Birds mentioned
Swainson's Hawk
American Kestrel
Sandhill Crane
Wilson's Snipe
Franklin's Gull
Common Nighthawk
Belted Kingfisher
Northern Flicker
Eastern Phoebe
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Dark-eyed Junco
Snow Bunting
Western Meadowlark
Pine Siskin
Evening Grosbeak

Hotline: Minnesota, Detroit Lakes
Date: October 1, 2009
Sponsor: Lakes Area Birding Club, Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce
Reports: 1-800-542-3992 (weekdays during business hours)
Compiler: Jeanie Joppru ([log in to unmask])

This is the Northwest Minnesota Birding Report for Thursday, October 1,
2009 sponsored by the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce. You
may also hear this report by calling (218)847-5743 or 1-800-433-1888.

There is no doubt that fall is now here as the temperatures dropped
suddenly with the last cold front. The first frost has come to the
northwest, and gardens are getting cleaned up. Waterfowl hunting season
opens this weekend so be cautious about where you roam. Thursday weather
has been cool, wet, and dark! Reports this week have been few but
migration progessses and soon we will be in true winter birding mode.

On September 28, Beth Siverhus reported the first SNOW BUNTINGS , in
Lake of the Woods County , in the bog along MN 72 just north of the
Beltrami County line.

In Warroad , Roseau County, Beth also reported that EVENING GROSBEAKS
were in her yard on September 25. On the 28th , they were joined by

From Otter Tail County, Amy Drake saw 15 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS last week,
and also several flocks of FRANKLIN'S GULLS. Nancy Jackson's sightings
for this week included SWAINSON'S HAWK, AMERICAN KESTREL, more than 50
EASTERN PHOEBE, 8 species of sparrow and 4 species of warbler, and
WESTERN MEADOWLARK. Most of these were from the Deer Creek area. This
week Amy Drake reported YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER and PINE SISKIN.

Thanks to Amy Drake, Beth Siverhus, and Nancy Jackson for their reports.

Please report bird sightings to Jeanie Joppru by email, no later than
Thursday each week, at [log in to unmask] OR call the Detroit Lakes
Chamber's toll free number: 1-800-542-3992. Detroit Lakes area birders
please call 847-9202. Please include the county where the sighting took
place. The next scheduled update of this report is Thursday, October 8,

Jeanie Joppru
Pennington County, MN