A Townsend's Solitaire was present at his/her classic Ann Lake location this 
morning (believe this is now five years of the past six).

A Northern Shrike and Purple Finches were also present (winter is here?)

Ann Lake/Sand Dunes Park is about two miles south of Sherburne Refuge on 
Highway 5.  Take 169 north to CR 9, 9 west through the refuge to CR5, then 5 
south a couple of miles to the second CR 4 exit.  Instead of proceeding 
west, turn east on the access road towards the campground.  There is a dirt 
parking lot on the south side a little over a mile in, park there and start 
scanning the treetops to the right/west.  Sometimes one has to walk into 
those fields a bit to find the bird.

This (slightly southern MN) location is excellent in early winter (generally 
into or through December) for northern/western birds - solitaires (1-2), 
goshawks, shrikes, Bohemian Waxwings, winter finches.

Good birding to all!

Al Schirmacher
Princeton, MN
Mille Lacs & Sherburne Counties 

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