This afternoon I went to the 40th West Erie Pier area to try my luck with the White-winged Dove first reported Sunday Oct 4th by Peder and others.


I walked the road to the large sand piles in the SW corner of the impoundment. Huge (hundreds!) flocks of Horned Larks and Longspurs were flying about. I could not pick out anything other than Laplands.


Several Warblers including Orange-crowned, Tennesee, and Northern Parula.

Also a lone Snow goose with the Canada Geese, Hermit Thrushes, and a Vesper sparrow.


Was on my way back to the truck when the Dove flushed from a weedy field to the west/left as walking towards the RR tracks. I heard the wing clap and noticed the white in the wings contrasting with the dark primaries. The bird flew into a small island of willows in the middle of this weedy area. I tried to see the bird while perched but could not locate it in the dense thicket. I left the bird in the willows.


Dave and Lars Benson were met on the way out. They were going to look where I last saw the bird. It was seen at Approx. 4:45 PM Tuesday Oct 6th.



Don Kienholz
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