Here's the current webstats support site:

 From their news:

> UM Web Stats News
> 10.15.2009
> UMWebstats will be changing from running Sawmill to Urchin. For  
> continued information, join the WebStats listserv by sending an  
> email to [log in to unmask] In the body enter 'subscribe  
> webstats'.

On Oct 22, 2009, at 3:04 PM, Dale Trexel wrote:

> Someone mentioned at the meeting today that the U was going to offer  
> an enterprise level Google Analytics service/server. I haven't been  
> able to find any information on the U website via our Google  
> appliance. Can anyone point me to more specifics?
> Dale Trexel
> Web Services
> University of Minnesota Law School