University Relations has nearly completed the tabbed search 
application and, for want of getting something out there, we've 
launched it as a beta service offering. Other projects are getting 
in the way of bug quashing, code cleanup, and documentation, so 
we're taking this opportunity to solicit feedback before we try to 
close down initial development.

For a basic example, try a search off OIT's UTools site:

More details are available at:

If you'd like to try it for your unit, we'll gladly setup a front 
end for you. Some basics on configuration options for the search 
result sets (tabs) are available in the blog post.

[log in to unmask] is as good a place as any for 
comments/suggestions/gripes (read: feedback), or if you'd like to 
request a front end.


Peter Wiringa
Electronic Communications
University Relations
University of Minnesota
(612) 625-3252
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