What's wrong with the embedded player provided by Media Mill?  I've been using that on my sites for years and have no complaints.


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On Oct 27, 2009, at 8:04 AM, Michelle Beaman wrote:

We currently house the videos on Media Mill but want a player on our own site that can pull in the link from Media Mill so that visitors to our Web don't have to leave our site in order to view the videos.

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Zachary Johnson wrote:
Have you considered using Media Mill or YouTube for your videos?

Michelle Beaman wrote:
We recently had a Web redesign done and the developer created a Video Player for our site, but they did not include sharing features.
We are looking to hire someone to develop a more advanced Video Player for our site.
Can anyone recommend a resource on campus, external design company or free lancer who we might contact?

The current Video Player can be found here...